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Bringing Yoga to the Paonia Community

The idea for this dedicated yoga studio in Paonia has been like a seed that has been germinating for some time. Paonia Yoga & Movement Center is a centrally located space to practice and learn together and build community, bringing together different styles of movement and perspectives. This is your hometown yoga studio, where inclusivity is paramount–all bodies and abilities are welcome!

Yoga has innumerable benefits. One of the most important lessons yoga offers is that we are more alike than different; we are all ONE. Paonia Yoga & Movement Center is a space for all of us to thrive as individuals, as well as a community. We encourage everyone to bring their authentic self into every moment and to celebrate the same authenticity that we witness in others.

Yoga is a way of life. It is an ancient practice that aligns our mind, body and spirit. We take what we learn on the mat out into our daily lives. We can all be aspiring yogis, peacefully present in each moment, our lives a journey of transformation as we practice living as our highest self.

movement thoughts

The physical postures of yoga, known as asanas, transform into moving meditations when we coordinate movement with breath. At Paonia Yoga, we offer many styles of yoga – try them all and find what best resonates with you!

mindfulness thoughts

This is the true heart of yoga, the discovery of the divine within; the elemental part of us that is beyond body, emotions and thoughts. Practicing mindfulness invites us to stay present and calm so that we are conscious in all situations. 

Our Studio Values

We Value Community & Promise:

We Take Care of One Another

We Normalize Making Healthy Decisions

We Support the Individual and the Collective

We Know the Most Important Yoga is Done Off the Mat

We Take Ownership

We Keep it Real!

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Our Instructors

The Life of Our Studio

Our Instructors are eminently qualified and are as fun and varied as the diverse types of yoga styles they teach.  They bring their passion for the community and for yoga to every class.  Most instructors are also available for private sessions or special events.  Give us a call and find an instructor that’s right for you!

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