Paonia Yoga & Movement Center

Namaste + Welcome!

We are a hometown Paonia yoga studio that is inclusive and fosters community. Our skilled, caring yoga teachers are excited to bring the beauty of yoga to all students – every body and ability level are welcome. We offer daily classes, workshops, teacher training, meditation classes, sound healing, and other movement modalities.

Check out our upcoming summer events; our instructors host Acro Yoga every month. Holistic offerings like massage, reiki, and shamanic breathwork journeys are available by appointment. On October 22nd, Levitie Dryke is taking us on a Shamanic Breathwork Journey. Stay tuned for details about our 3-Day Spring Yoga Retreat!

If you have questions, we are eager to answer them. Please email us at You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about us and for updates and schedule changes.



October 22nd: Shamanic Breathwork Journey 3-5pm

October 29th: Acro Yoga Workshop 1-3pm


Why do our students love Paonia Yoga & Movement Center?

Yoga is the union between your mind and body, your Self and the divine. Living yoga is living your life with the mind, body and soul in alignment. Practicing at Paonia Yoga & Movement Center helps you to feel rejuvenated through movement and present through the practice of quieting your mind. Each time you leave the Paonia Yoga & Movement Center, you will know your own presence, voice, and vitality on a deeper level. 
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